Just Kidding! Lesson Plan

Sunday, January 28, 2018
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I've sang the praises of Trudy Ludwig's before before and I'll do it again: they are phenomenal. So good in fact, that I'm using five of them for this quarter's lessons with my 4th graders. Each tackles a different issue that my students need help with at this time each year but they share many of the same themes (choosing friends wisely, getting attention in positive instead of negative ways, and treating others respectfully). Spring semester is notorious for my 4th graders to begin testing the waters as they explore their identities, try to make a name for themselves, and start engaging in some typical (but harmful) tween behaviors. I've written before about how I've used Sorry! and The Invisible Boy and Trouble Talk. I'd previously made morning meeting plans for my teachers using Just Kidding! but this was the first year I'd gotten a chance to do a lesson with it myself. It was the perfect start to our unit.

just kidding book companion lesson plan

5 Best Practices in School Counseling Lesson Planning

Saturday, January 13, 2018
This post is part 3 in a series on school counseling core curriculum planning. You can read part 1 on the overall vision here and part 2 on needs assessments here.

I've said it before and I'll say it again - I'm particular about my lesson plans. Downright picky. In part, this is because I think the lesson you believe in is the one you'll deliver the best. It's also because I want lessons to be catered to my students. Because I'm picky about my lesson plans, I write almost all of them entirely myself. It's been a bit of trial and error but I'm finally in the sweet spot of feeling like I know what I'm doing when I sit down to plan out a lesson. I've discovered some best practices that make this planning faster but also, more importantly, that lead to engaging and effective lessons. I want my lessons to flow well and be fun, but that's not enough. They need to actually WORK!

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