I Caved - My TpT Store

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

I make most of my lesson plans and the associated materials myself. A couple of colleagues have encouraged me in the past to list them on TpT....and I was incredibly resistant. I felt so grateful to the bloggers that shared their materials freely with the world (and me!) that I felt a little indebted to the school counseling internet community. I started this blog in part to give back and do my part to help school counselors find resources and ideas that they connect with. Charging money (even tiny amounts) sort of felt...un-counselory? You know what I mean. We are givers! We are helpers! We feel awkward taking things from people!

Then yesterday I had the privilege of presenting at a small local conference. I had brought some of my task card materials with me as a visual aid, to get people's minds rolling, etc. There were several people who asked where they could find them online. My co-counselor and my husband encouraged (...or pressured) me once again to set up shop. So I caved and I did it - I made a TpT store and started adding some of my creations. Many of my things will be free and all will be pretty cheap - essentially however much I would be willing to pay for the product myself.

Because sometimes, spending $2 on something someone else made is worth the 2 hours you would spend creating/re-creating it yourself.

If you feel inclined to visit, I'm linking it below and there's a "widget" for it on the side of the page.


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