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Monday, August 22, 2016
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I'm picky about nearly everything, including counseling resources. There's A LOT on Teachers Pay Teachers now for counselors, which is amazing, but it's also a bit overwhelming. Some things also just aren't a *fit* to my style. Last year I managed to buy a few really awesome things though:

TpT Think Before You Speak

Great scenarios here that are much more relatable to my 4th graders than other stuff I find. The cards can be used in tons of ways, including whole group, and the game itself is prime for a relational aggression or social skills small group. 3rd-6th grade

TpT Bucket Filler Board Game

Simple but great game for reviewing and practicing the tenets of bucket filling. I used this both in lunch bunches and also in social skills groups. Printing in color + laminating = ideal. K-3rd grade.

TpT The Race to Personal Space

This is THE BOMB. Great game about personal space that goes deeper and includes more nuances than "keep your hands to yourself". Rarely do I find things that I think "wow, I wouldn't have come up with that on my own" but I did for this. The game format itself is just fine, but the prompts are great. 2nd-4th grade

Tpt QQT card for The Invisible Boy

I ended up only using a few of these and mostly my own when I did my The Invisible Boy lesson, but for $1, this was well worth the 30+ minutes it saved me in thinking of all of my own discussion questions.

Positive review for TpT Growth Midset Interactive PPT

This PPT is just one of many on this seller's TPT page. They are pricey but incredibly worth it. Much more engaging than your standard PPT and she covers some great topics. Her Growth Mindset, Apologies, Learning Styles, and Social Filter ones are my favorites. She also provides stellar previews on her page so you really get a great sense of what you'll get before you bite the bullet to buy.

What about y'all - any fantastic TPT finds that made you think "worth it"?


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