'The Self-Esteem Game' Board Game Review

Sunday, July 20, 2014
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Improved self-esteem is a goal of most groups I run, and many of my individual sessions as well. When a found a children's board game that focused on this, for less than $35, I jumped on it. Here is The Self-Esteem Game

Review and image of The Self-Esteem Game boardReview and image of The Self-Esteem Game spinner

Players roll the die which instructs them to go to one of the positive affirmation spaces (and repeat the affirmation), pull a problem card, or pull an esteem card. After pulling a problem card (examples below), players spin the spinner which tells them how they "solved" the problem (positively or negatively). Esteem cards are positive affirmations paired with a personal discussion question.

Review and image of The Self-Esteem Game Problem CardsReview and image of The Self-Esteem Game esteem cards

 This game is not great. In my opinion, self-esteem is not an accurate focus. The esteem cards seem more geared towards making positive behavior choices. The problems in the problem cards are very vague/generic, and the "solutions" on the spinner are as well. The game is marketed for ages 8+ and while there are certainly some 8 year olds that are on this level, it seems like it would be more appropriate for 10-14 year olds.

Possible edits someone could make to improve the game:
-create new problem cards using the type of problems your students/clients face
-create a new spinner with more specific positive and negative coping skills
-either add an additional element for focusing on self-esteem, or use the game as more of a "get to know you" or termination game


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